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Telemedicine / Home / Office Visits


Telemedicine or Home/Office Visits

A Las Vegas Medical Practice

There any many conditions in medicine that can effectively be treated by a Telemedicine consultation.
Our user-friendly Electronic Medical Record system allows us to attend to any urgent health needs you may have from the comfort of your home/hotel room (or even when you are traveling in other parts of the country).
Dr. Bruce also conducts “old-school house calls” (when needed) for conditions that are not treatable via phone or video telemedicine.



Your Medical Consultation at Ayitey Medical Center — What to Expect:

  • One on one time with Dr. Victor Bruce
  • A chance to explain your concerns and goals
  • The opportunity to get all your questions answered
  • A thorough understanding of all your treatment needs
  • A treatment plan that is tailored to you
  • A clear understanding of what we can do for you

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Come in for a consultation and find out all about the best internal medicine Doctor in Las Vegas. Let Dr. Bruce help you.